Why I’m afraid of memory techniques (and the EIT Memory Challenge)

Eyram Sotome March 3, 2017
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Eyram thinking about memory techniques

An EIT Memory Challenge?

Memory is strange.

It’s one of those topics you barely talk about unless you want to insult someone or your grandma has Alzheimer’s.

In my case, I’m afraid of memory techniques. Big time.

Not because I don’t find them useful but because of the anxiety that comes with feeling like you have a superpower. Have you ever had that before?

Let’s look at Facebook as an example…

Who would have thought that Zuckerburg was going to steal the idea and make it his own? No one. But, HE knew that it was gold.

Do you think he automatically started to build the site and make money off of it? Nope. He couldn’t.

It took tons of people and time to convince him to monetize Facebook, even he made it, initially, for fun.

He knew what it was worth but didn’t treasure what he was worth.

That’s how I feel about it.

So, even though I speak 6 languages, I didn’t learn those languages using memory techniques. I learn by making my own memory techniques to teach myself how to speak for the sake of communicating with friends and the people I care most about.


The main point I’m trying to drive home here is that I thought I could use this ability to teach.

Techniques are made all the time in my head, so I learned without using a standard set of memory techniques, which weren’t available to me at the time anyways.

…and now, I’m gonna teach you how to memorize the whole FE exam?

I dunno… Let me know your thoughts.

Appreciate you reading the rant.



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Eyram Sotome

I like helping those who need help. Kind of like superman without the tights. To put it simply, you are in the right place. Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks! and good luck in May!