The Flame In My Heart… IGNITE!

Eyram Sotome May 8, 2014
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You don’t need to be intelligent to find an answer.

You don’t have to have an answer to find the solution.

Problems occur because we don’t adapt. We accept the problems and don’t fight for the solution.

The industry has no passion. The engineers, managers, workers don’t care. Few do.

But, those that do have no voice. They can’t talk. We just look like we have no clue because we have no experience in what they are talking about.

But, that’s not the point.

The beast mode… Is it on?

Is the beast mode, meaning the care that drives you to do more, excel, and be great… Is it in you?

I hate politics. I hate being told no. I don’t like not understanding. I want to figure out the answer.

Whether people know me or not, I walk with unwavering confidence. The people I talk to on the job site understand my position. They know who I am, what I think, where I’m going.

Guys, it’s more than just looking for work. We are looking to solve a problem! That’s why we are hired

“Can I solve the problem?”

Who says you can’t? You can solve the problem.

But, you got to fight for it.

Walk with confidence. Apply to everything. Show in your speech, talk and writing that you are someone that can’t be messed with.

You will solve that problem.

You will engineer the solution.

Engage with who you want to work for. Care about their problem. Show them solutions. Regardless of whether you know how seismic bracing goes up or kitchen exhaust duct clashing with the bottom of the beam.

It’s ok. You don’t need to understand it.

All that matters is that the duct needs to move and the brace needs to go up. Look at all the angles because the problem will be your answer.

Fight with confidence.

Work for the experience, not for the money. If money is your solution, you failed. If the problem is your solution, you will do more than the problem itself.

+Engineer is amazing. Sometimes, I feel incapable of motivating you guys. My motives are pure. I truly care…

But, the answers aren’t defined. There is no “solution” to job hunting. You can’t just make a “ultimate résumé”, have an “ultimate way of interviewing” to find work. All you can do is tackle each problem as if it was the most important one.

Do you know how I got sick trying to answer 100’s of emails after the “If you are a jobless engineer” post?

I became ill eating cookies to attend to your needs. I’m not an expert. All I did was work hard at every level of my job hunting experience.

I want to survive. I have a family to take care of. I make twice as much as my parents together, only to pay all the house bills and mortgage… Because I care.

All of you. Listen… Or, may I say, read this…

I’m making a podcast because I care about you. Yes, you. The person that is reading this. I don’t care if you are employed or not. I don’t care if you have no money or lots of money.

I care about your problems, whether they are at work or at school. I believe in being honest about everything because honesty brings LONG TERM success.

T-shirts are being made for you. Courses are being made for you. All of this just so you have a hint of a feeling that “Eyram is with me”.

I want to quit my job right now and sit down with each one of you to fix your problems, no matter what they are. Unfortunately, I’m stuck working in a world where honestly, pure hard work and focus just doesn’t exist.

So, I’m going to MAKE IT EXIST. By training you.

If you are an engineering student, I’m making a course that takes you through the job hunting process, with exact email scripts, psychology on why you aren’t getting anything and what you need to do.

If you are employed, I’m making a course on how to impress your boss, move up and get a salary bonus in 6 months because you can do it. Again, scripts, psychology behind why you can’t do it and what you have to get done.

If you are neither of those and can’t afford it, I’ll teach you how to make money to afford it. Because that’s just what the hustle is… Make it happen.

Finally, if all that fails, at least show me your support by sending me an email that shows you care. Without getting an encouraging email, my beast mode effect wears off. I can’t care if I don’t see that it doesn’t produce.

Here is my struggle. I want to give you everything but I have loans in the way. I can’t fund everything I want to do but I will find a way to fund it.

If you believe in me, you can help out.

If you think this is a joke, I’m laughing at you.

Let’s do this thing together. One step at a time.

May 12th will be the start of the T-shirt rounds. You decide which one you like best and that gets sent to you.

+Engineer Tshirt

Just enter your email for the update here:

May 20th 27th will be the start of the podcast.

(Update: I wanted to add a theme song & some interviews so I extended the day. It will be TOTALLY worth it!)

The +Engineer Podcast

Cool logo, huh? I will dissect everything! Send me as many questions as you can.

The podcast will be announced through the same link:

(If you are on the +Engineer newsletter, you’ll get an email too. No need to enter your email again.)

If you have questions that you would like to be answered on the podcast, leave it in the comments below!

July will start the courses. I want to start a membership site, where I can teach you as a group. Anything to show you that you can do it. I even thought of giving talk at different universities. Can I? (if you are someone that could make that happen, please let me know.)

I will quit when I see your support is fully there. I will work on this full-time when I can provide for those I care about first (you), while caring for those I care about the most (my family) financially.

The work I will put in will be unbelievable. The research I will do will show you exactly that I mean it. Plain and simple.

I’m out of words for now. But, I hope I’m translating the message correctly. Here it is if you missed it:

Let me quit my job so I can help you. Show me your support.

Engineer the Internet. Engineer the World.

That’s my new motto.


Please spread the word to every single engineer you know.

This is a global movement!

Podcast & T-shirts Link


Thanks for being awesome, guys. That’s the reason why there is no better group than you on LinkedIn!!

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Eyram Sotome

I like helping those who need help. Kind of like superman without the tights. To put it simply, you are in the right place. Thanks for reading.

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