How To Make Recruiters Love You At The Career Fair

How do you make recruiters love you at a career fair?

Well, when I was in school (which was only a couple of months ago), I found the career fairs challenging. It was as if I was competing against the recruiter (to see how well I can influence them) AND other students (to make sure I get the job).

Yes, no matter how bad we don’t want to say it, it is the truth:

Our friends become our enemies when we have to work.

That’s life.

But, if we want to be on top, we got to do something SO BIG that the recruiters can’t help but notice us. So, here is the answer to today’s question.


How do you make recruiters love you at a career fair?


Be Honest. Bring Questions. Leave Facts.


This is actually a 3-step process that has always gotten me the golden ticket (or the recruiter’s business card) to continue the conversation. Once you get that, you have full control over the selection process because you are influencing the recruiter OUTSIDE the career fair.

Anyways, let’s learn how to use the 3-step process.


1. Be Honest.

When you met a recruiter for the first time (and you haven’t researched them), be straight up with them:

” I never heard of your company”.

When you tell them this, they will be more than happy to describe what they do (usually in detail). Otherwise, if the company is well-known, tell them some facts about the company and why you would like to work for them.

As you’re listening to them, make sure to pay attention to:


  • how excited the person is about their job
  • what they work on
  • what the company does do


This will give you all the information you need to continue into the next step.


2. Bring Questions.

This is your “make it or break it” moment.

After the person is done talking, don’t let any awkward silence come (because that means that you are done). Proceed straight into a Q & A session with them using the information you heard.

Ask about:


  • What is a typical workday at your company?
  • What is the culture like? How many people are working there?
  • Do you do any fun activities together?
  • What would you expect of me when I start working.

Those questions show you are concerned about the environment (which, again, shows you are looking to fit in).


Asking these questions and making up specific work-related questions (based on the information you heard) will give you the best results. And finally….


3. Leave Facts.

The most important step.

Leaving the facts means showing the person how excited you are about the job and leaving one thing they can remember you by.

For me, I put a special symbol on the side of my resume showing a website I made. Then, I bragged about how awesome it was learning something new.

This finally shows that you are open to learning new things. Do this and the person is sure to remember you after the 100’s of boring conversation they’ve had. You might be lucky 😉


So, sealing the deal is as simply as asking them for their business card. If they don’t have one, ask for an email. Once you got that, you’re solid.

Again, this one was long but well worth it. I always try to make them as simple as possible to remember, so I hope it helps.


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