PE 001 – What Is Your Story?

Eyram Sotome January 10, 2015
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Story is the man.

Story rules the world.

Story has no boundaries.

Since the beginning of time, story has helped many people describe events that have made them better people.

How can we use the power of story in order to improve our job hunt?

What is required of a young engineer that knows nothing about looking for work?

Today’s episode will reveal all of that, along with my story that got me my first job.

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Eyram Sotome

I like helping those who need help. Kind of like superman without the tights. To put it simply, you are in the right place. Thanks for reading.

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    SueAnn Sipin

    February 4, 2015 Reply
    Hey there Eyram. I'm one of your more seasoned engineers. I love your advice you give to them and their responses. I for one will give you some food for thought though, as I was climbing the " food chain" up to the top, I was widely told some good advice by my mentor at the time. First thing you do when you get in, is REALLY LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR TOLD TO DO. This is important as to follow their rules and keep your nose to what your told to do,eventho if you are use to doing it differently. This shows trust and loyalty to your boss. If you doubt what your old to do, have that person wright the directions down and sign it. Cover your job in all was, better to be safe then sorry. If they're honesty they will do it, if not take it to your floor shop lead. Then do all you can to not get in a cliche, let people come to you at lunch, this way you don't chose to lose as they say. Keep shop talk and lunch talk to your job, this way your not drawn into evil talk or group labels. Then the boss and snitches have little to talk bad about you. When you can sign up for classes offered even if it's not in your department, this shows you can be flexible and are willing to be cross trained. Then if you see somebody struggling with some thing, go over and suggest some ideas for them to work easier, this shows your willing to be a team player. Help where you can. Then as you start to climb the ladder, always remember where you came from, never ever step on people as you climb in the shop, ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE! Major show to boss and co-worker you are an honest person, even if you get over looked for sometime. Never show disappointment, your turn will come. When it does take it gracefully and humbly. Never "ha, ha, I got it and you didn't." That is poor sportsman ship and can leave the wrong impression. When you get the position offer an open door policy, even with shop floor people. This will show you are true to your word. Finally, if they have cut backs and ask for volunteers to go backwards, go back, it shows you are willing to help the company. It may or may not work out to the good but it shows how good of an employee you were and that goes a long way with a new company you get a job with. One other thing, always write a short note of thanks for an interview, it has helped me land that job and brought me in the running for the next move up the ladder! Thank you, Eyram for your time and reading my long but hopefully helpful story of how I moved up the company ladder. Best of luck to all who listen to what they are told to do! Regards ~ SueAnn Sipin
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    Israel Gold Ajala

    November 5, 2014 Reply
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    September 7, 2014 Reply
    I found this useful. I hope you plan on podcasting more in the future!
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      Eyram Sotome

      September 21, 2014 Reply
      Thanks Anthony! I'll make it tons better too >.<
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    May 29, 2014 Reply
    Hello Eyram, I have some advice regarding this first post. Congrats in it by the way. I found it hard to hear your words. In the next one I suggest either turning mike up or lowering the back ground music. Best Regards, Brandon
    • avatar image

      Eyram Sotome

      May 31, 2014 Reply
      I noticed that too... I wonder why.. Ok, I'll work on it!