Are you ready to automate your job hunt?

As an early adopter, you get a whole bunch of benefits, but the first one is this one:


Thanks for being awesome.

Click the “Pay With Card” button below, hopefully with enough support, we can get the webinar software running so we can start the course (and have some fun along the way 😉).

Just in case you are interested in which webinar software I’m thinking of using, here are my 2 options:

Webinarally – Let’s me host the webinar on my website so they is no confusion on where to go

WebinarJam Studio – Let’s do literally everything you could ever want on a webinar.

With anything that costs money, please know that I take it very seriously.

Once you are done automating all your Cover Letter and Resume Streams, reducing your job search from hours to minutes, and have ways to engage conversations on the outside to look for prospective jobs, you’ll be so happy you were part of this.

Anyways, see you on the flipside 😉