Audio A Day (Day 004) – The Dark Side Of Project Management

Eyram Sotome April 21, 2014
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Day 004 – The Dark Side Of Project Management

Ever Wondered What Project Management Is Like?

Of course, we know the good side… You get the car, gas and toll money on top of your pay check.

However, there are some simple nuances that really bother me.

Tell me what you think about the question!

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Eyram Sotome

I like helping those who need help. Kind of like superman without the tights. To put it simply, you are in the right place. Thanks for reading.

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    Bea Toda

    April 22, 2014 Reply
    Hi there! I came across your post on LinkedIn. I was recently approached for a Project Manager job opportunity in Chicago and thought I would have a listen to your story. In my personal opinion, the client should always come first. If you have a superior or contractor that is making clear mistakes, then it seems to me that a discussion needs to happen. As the PM, you have some authority and your voice deserves to be heard. I am by no means a highly experienced professional, and have never been in this sort of situation before, so I don't expect you to take my thoughts into high consideration. I mainly wanted to comment here to ask you what your solution was (or will be), if you have addressed the situation already? Just trying to get some insight and learn more about the whole experience as a Project Manager. Thanks for your post! - Bea T.
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      Eyram Sotome

      April 30, 2014 Reply
      Hey Bea, Thanks for the comment! As a project manager, you are forced to make decisions that are supposed to "technically" advantage the company you are working for. However, when it deals with your ethics, you need to have the "discussion" like you said. What I did isn't typical because it depends on what kind of company you are working for. Since my company is a small company, I deal directly with the owner of the company. I'd noticed that all he cares about is squeezing as much money out of what he gets as possible. So, for me to propose to him to do the opposite, even though it is to his advantage as a respected company, is just not possible. Basically, the conversation went like this: Eyram - "Where the guides installed?" Boss - "Did the inspector ask about them? Shoot.. I thought I could get away with it" Eyram - **Shocked but looking away** *Stayed Quiet* Boss - "Alright, I'll talk to you later." Eyram - "Take care." As you can see I did nothing. However, I've had discussions before where it was clear that money was there only concern because he didn't worry about the quality of my work. It's all about working smart, so it is said.... That's why when I get into the conflict, I avoid the confrontation because I'm in a small company and the owner is allowed to decide how he wants to run his company. However, being a PM, you still have some authority so you just do the other parts of the job the best you can and live with that. Anyways, I hope I got the message through. There are many different ways to handle it, but for my company size and situation, this was best. If you are in a corporation, I'd totally let them know what should be the right thing to do! When it is the owner, after trying a few times, it's better to let them be. Thanks, Bea!