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Let The New Logo Contest Begin. Which One Wins?

Eyram Sotome January 1, 2015
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Logo contest are awesome, right? Well, let’s make this official: In a week from the date this is posted, the Entry Level Engineers Group On LinkedIn will have a new logo.... read more

The Flame In My Heart… IGNITE!

Eyram Sotome May 8, 2014
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You don’t need to be intelligent to find an answer. You don’t have to have an answer to find the solution. Problems occur because we don’t adapt. We accept the... read more

The Contest Is Over. See The Results!

Eyram Sotome November 6, 2013
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We have a winner! Thanks for voting, everyone. Entry #6 is the winner. Let’s give a big shout out to Jasmin Thibert for her efforts! Personally, I wanted #11 or #16 to win... read more

Logo Contest. I got a head start.

Eyram Sotome October 8, 2013
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  UPDATE: Voting has now begun! You can vote simply by commenting on this post. Share it, Like it, and PICK A GOOD LOGO! Remember, anyone can vote. Logo design is cool. Ev... read more

Woot! My First Day as a “Plus Engineer”

Eyram Sotome November 5, 2012
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To start, I’d like to just thank you for taking the time to come to this site. It takes a lot of guts to go on Google (or any site for that matter) looking for information on ... read more