The Top 3 Tips Entry Level Engineers Need To Get Their Next Job

Top 3 tips to get Entry Level job

As an entry level candidate, there is just too much competition. Whether you are searching online, talking to people at a career fair or handing them out at an engineering company, you are always at the end of the pole – because you have no experience. However, things don’t always have to be so hard if you learn how to hack the system.

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What It Means To Show Your Experience on LinkedIn

How to Show Experience on Your Linkedin Profile

Sometimes, as human beings, we encounter problems.

Whether these problems are physical, emotional or something out of the ordinary, these things always arise. I guess we can say “It’s a part of life” since it happens so often that our desires just don’t go our way. And boy… It’s sucks!

However, wouldn’t it be interesting to understand why some people can’t accomplish those desires while others can? Why some people always succeed at stuff they do, while others just drown themselves into an ocean of more stress?

What defines how successful you are at escaping troublesome situations? For Entry Level Engineers, how do you define what makes you good at job hunting?

Simple: Your drive. Your determination.

Check out what Google says on it…

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How To Use Your “Unfair Advantage” To Land Interviews

Get Interviews Using Your Unfair Advantage

When I was a student, I would always hunt for free food.


People would call me ” The Free Food Guy” because I always knew where the free food was. Since I was working in EG at the time (General Engineering Department in my school), all of my cool snatches would be noticed whenever anyone enters the office.

I would get (and eat) tons of pizza, wraps, sandwiches… you name it.

All of that thanks to the little effort I used to locate where the free food was. It really was the most enjoyable part of going to a school where you pay $35,000 for classes but you still fight with your professor to re-check your homework assignment.

However, thanks to my free food name, I was also able to land an interview with a company I really respected. And wanted to work for badly.

I bet you are probably wondering how I got the interview.

What did I do to get that interview?

Well, this post is for you…

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What Children Taught Me About Being an Engineer and Getting a Job

Children Taught Me About Getting a Job and Engineering

Have you ever been in a classroom where that one picture was starring at you?

Well, imagine yourself building a new school, with tons of kindergarden stuff around you. That was me.

As engineers, we often have time to reflect. But, it isn’t often that we reflect on the point of our work.

When I was finishing up the new construction of an elementary school in Sunnyside, NY, I walked into a classroom with a bunch of pictures.

One of them really made think:

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Is Experience A Simple List or A Skill?

Is Experience listed on a resume a simple list?

I usually read statements like these: “The work experience section of your resume will make or break getting the interview” or “The work experience section of your resume has to be structured carefully if you want to impress hiring managers”.

At first glance I might agree with these statements but thinking carefully about it, it’s irritating.

Who defines what makes your experience worthy or not? What makes people chose some over others? See what I mean? Now, you are getting irritated, aren’t you?

In reality, it’s all about the qualifications.

Human being react to lines. The more lines they see, the more qualified they think the individual is.

So, does more lines = more experience? My short answer is: I wish. Let me explain it to you.

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