The Top 3 Tips Entry Level Engineers Need To Get Their Next Job´╗┐

Eyram Sotome August 1, 2017
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Getting Your Next Job Is Easier Than You Think, Just Follow This 3 Tips As an entry level candidate, there is just too much competition. Whether you are searching online, talkin... read more

Why I’m afraid of memory techniques (and the EIT Memory Challenge)

Eyram Sotome March 3, 2017
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Eyram thinking about memory techniques
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An EIT Memory Challenge? Memory is strange. It’s one of those topics you barely talk about unless you want to insult someone or your grandma has Alzheimer’s. In my c... read more

12 Answers Every Engineer Wish They Knew BEFORE College

Eyram Sotome June 25, 2015
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12 Job Hunting Answers
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12 Job Hunting Answers Engineers Need to Know As a young (or any type of) engineer, you wish you understood many questions BEFORE you had the situation. Based of experiences an... read more

What It Means To Show Your Experience on LinkedIn

Eyram Sotome June 23, 2015
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Yes, How Should You Show Your Experience On Your LinkedIn Profile? Sometimes, as human beings, we encounter problems. Whether these problems are physical, emotional or something... read more

How To Use Your “Unfair Advantage” To Land Interviews

Eyram Sotome June 22, 2015
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Get Interviews Using Your Unfair Advantage
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  What Is An Unfair Advantage? Use Yours to Land Interviews! When I was a student, I would always hunt for free food. Always! People would call me ” The Free Food Guy... read more

What Children Taught Me About Being an Engineer and Getting a Job

Eyram Sotome June 20, 2015
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Children taught me about being an engineer
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What Lessons About Career And Getting A Job Can Engineers Learn From Children? Have you ever been in a classroom where that one picture was starring at you? Well, imagine yourse... read more